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Wide chokers — statement necklaces

Posted on Sep 21, 2016 by in jewelry | 0 comments

starfish choker necklace

If any crafty person makes anything, chances are good that it’s jewelry. There are some extremely talented jewelry makers out there. It’s one of the most common categories at Etsy, craft fairs, even farmers markets. People love a new little trinket, and the possibilities for self-expression are endless.

I’ve stayed away from making jewelry until now because I didn’t know what I could offer that would be different from what anyone else had.

All it took was one fashion runway photo, which inspired me to make these wide fabric chokers. Call it a collar or a tail-less scarf if you like. I think they give the choker trend an interesting spin.

Aqua starfish choker necklace:

starfish choker necklace

Gold-speckled navy chiffon choker necklace:

Gold-speckled navy chiffon choker necklace

Pink tie-dye choker necklace:

Pink tie-dye choker necklace

White seashell choker necklace:

White seashell choker necklace

Mermaid choker necklace:

mermaid choker necklace

White lace choker necklace:

White lace choker necklace

These were fun. I might make more!

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