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Triangle bags are here!

Posted on Oct 1, 2016 by in bags | 0 comments

pineapple print triangle wristlet

Friends, apparently the bag to have right now is a tiny triangle bag. Actor Maisie Williams created a sensation when she carried an inexpensive triangle wristlet to recent awards shows. The bags sold out immediately.

But don’t worry, because I have some now in the Sunshine and Wishes shop!

I started out with big beach bags.

Then I made some hobo bags.

A few bucket bags.

See the trend?

My bags are getting smaller!

It’s OK, though, because this means I now have a variety of sizes in the shop.

Please check out the triangle wristlets here:

Blue denim triangle wristlet:

Blue denim triangle wristlet bag

Pineapple-print triangle wristlet:

pineapple print triangle wristlet

Dark red suede cloth jacquard triangle wristlet:


Blue-green scale/scallop triangle wristlet:


Zebra-print triangle wristlet:


Which bag is your favorite? If you’d like this in a different color or print, just let me know!

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