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Rain and Sunshine

Posted on Jan 27, 2016 by in inspiration | 0 comments

Raindrops on a leaf

It seems ironic to launch a site titled Sunshine and Wishes with a post about rain — but not inappropriate.

Today, it rained buckets. Then it rained tanker trucks. The rain and wind kept coming and hasn’t stopped. There was even a tornado less than 10 miles away.

There were worries today, too. I worried about a close relative in the hospital. I worried about how my children are doing in school. I also worried about starting something new.

There were two storms — one outside, and one in my head.

I prayed and kept pressing on.

Then there was a delivery — new stuff to help fill up the shop. New possibilities! I breathed them in. I seemed capable of life again.

Sunshine and Wishes isn’t about being a cheerful breeze of happiness all the time — not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s about finding the good and reveling in it. It’s about striving for something better. Making positive changes. Being hopeful.

Accepting the rain while wishing for sunshine.

So yeah, today kind of is the perfect day to start something new.

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