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November style finds

Posted on Nov 6, 2016 by in personal style | 0 comments

seashell tree ornaments

November is a signal that the holidays are coming — the whirlwind slide to the end of the year — and it’s going to be busy.

You have to take some downtime, though, right? That’s why pants like these flare loungers are essential.

flare pants

Apparently any flare pants and jeans are back. So if you saved your old ones like I did, you’re all set for style!

I also like these tropical-print pants I came across:

tropical pants

I can see them going great with this seastar/starfish lava rock bracelet:

seastar/starfish bracelet

Well, anything would go great with this bracelet, right? I can see the white and gold pairing perfectly with my palm tree bucket bag:

palm tree bucket bag

It’s finally boot-wearing season where I live, and I had to add these platform ankle boots to my collection:

platform ankle boots

In addition to boots, before long it will be time for a light sweater or jacket. I have always loved mosaic, so naturally I think this mosaic-print pullover is great:

mosaic-print pullover

It’s about time to think about holiday decorations, too, and I was excited to find this collection of Margaritaville tree ornaments perfect for a tropical-themed Christmas tree:

Margaritaville tree ornaments

But this less-expensive option of shell tree ornaments is great for coastal Christmas trees too.

seashell tree ornaments

Coastal holiday decorations are fun, and even though I don’t celebrate Hannukah, I think I just might after finding this beautiful tealight driftwood menorah:

driftwood menorah

What kind of style are you after this month?

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