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March trends and style inspiration

Posted on Mar 6, 2017 by in personal style | 0 comments

mermaid necklace

Are you finally seeing signs of spring? If so, don’t hold back and go full-on spring outfits, whatever dressing for spring feels like to you. If not, dress spring anyway — the weather just  might follow your lead.

Maybe, if you’re like me, that means POMPOM AND TASSEL ALL THE THINGS!

pompom and tassel crossbody bag

This is a wild boho-style crossbody bag I made for myself for spring. (If you like it, I’d be happy to make you one in your own favorite colors or prints.)

Pompoms and tassels were popular last summer, but after a somewhat dormant winter, they are back, and they are blooming on shoes, headbands, home decor, and everything else you can think of, like this pompom scarf:

pompom scarf

Last month’s trend report included embroidery on everything, and the embroidery we’re mostly seeing is red roses like on these fab jeans:

embroidered jeans

Also, I’ve noticed more fringe and tassels around jean hems lately:

tassel-hem jeans

(Hint: You can dress up a pair of plain jeans with iron-on patches like the jeans on top, or with craft store ribbon and tassels like the jeans directly above.)

You know I love my tropical prints, so I was excited to find this tropical-leaf-print maxi dress:

palm leaf print maxi dress

If you prefer a dress with sleeves, check out this tropical-print dress:

tropical-print dress

The same store has tropical-print pants:

tropical-print pants

How to accessorize any beachy outfit? Perhaps with a vintage seahorse necklace?

seahorse necklace

Or an ornate mermaid necklace?

mermaid necklace


What’s on your style wish list right now?

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