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January style inspiration

Posted on Jan 13, 2017 by in personal style | 0 comments

Ah, 2017. We never thought we’d get here. As long as we’re here, let’s make it amazing, though, right? If you like to start the new year with new clothing, here are some ideas:

This cute off-the-shoulder chambray dress. Not only does it have the trendy off-shoulder design, but also the pompom trend going on. It’s roomy, so it will hide any possible holiday pounds while you work them off.

off-shoulder chambray dress

For something long, check out this embroidered variation on the theme.

embroidered white dress

Last month, I recommended black ankle boots, which are still a staple. And plain white sneakers, which I wrote about this past summer, are actually still going strong, even in the dead of winter.

plain white sneakers

Of course, if it’s cold where you are, you’ll want a coat. I’ve been seeing more of these “teddy bear” coats around:

teddy bear coat

Whether it’s sunny or there’s glare from the snow, you’ll want some sunglasses. Aviator and roundish styles seem to be the most prevalent lately.

round sunglasses

For jewelry, isn’t this fun? Doesn’t this pair of sea star earrings make you think about jetting off to a tropical resort or going on a cruise?

starfish / seastar earrings

And doesn’t this sea glass honu necklace make you want to go to the North Shore of Oahu and surf?

sea glass honu necklace

Tucked into your favorite bag, how about this whimsical flamingo wristlet pouch with tassel purse charm? Just to remind yourself not to take things too seriously — or perhaps to remind yourself winter doesn’t last forever.

flamingo wristlet pouch with tassel charm

Whatever you wear this month, make it your own and make it fun.

What style items are you looking at this month?

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