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December style finds

Posted on Dec 6, 2016 by in personal style | 0 comments

seahorse-print beach bag

December seems like one month-long celebration, doesn’t it? Especially if you have children in your family. It’s also my birthday month, and because I live in Hot And Humid Central, I got to do one of my favorite things with friends to celebrate:

SUP in December

Speaking of favorite things, I wish I could be like Oprah and give everyone all the best stuff! I can’t do that, though, so I will point out some of the best style finds this month.

If you don’t already have some black ankle boots, GET SOME NOW. You need them. Wear them with jeans or a dress.

black ankle boots

When it comes to jeans, flares are making a comeback (as I mentioned last month), and deconstructed/destroyed denim isn’t going away for a casual look. Just think of the holes as a special kind of decoration.

destroyed denim

When you need to class it up, though, try a bell-sleeve blouse.

bell-sleeve blouse

Any kind of shirt or dress with a bell sleeve is good. There is even this pirate version:

bell-sleeve blouse

(Well, it makes me think of pirates, anyway.)

For those elegant holiday parties, try a style from so many designers: the sheer-skirt maxi dress.

sheer-skirt maxi dress

These blue velvet pumps would be a beautiful match!

blue velvet pumps

That halter dress design is a style find, too, and you can look for it in other variations, like this lace halter dress:

lace halter dress

For a special night out, you’ll want a nice little evening bag — so how about one of my fun triangle/pyramid wristlets like this one in Christmas red?

triangle/pyramid bag with gold tassel

I’ve been noticing mesh here and there, and a great way to wear it is on a tropical-print swimsuit (if you’re lucky enough to be where the weather is good).

tropical-print mesh bikini top

You’ll want a beach bag, too, like the seahorse-print beach bag in my shop:

seahorse-print beach bag

If you need protection from the cold, though, try a long cardigan or a collarless coat this season.

long cardigan/coat

Happy Everything to you this month! What style finds are on your wish list?

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