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Crossbody bags — zippered pouches with tassel keychain purse charm

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 by in bags | 0 comments

Hawaiian print crossbody bag

Crossbody bags have become so popular, and it’s easy to see why. The shoulder strap is long enough to go across your body, not just one shoulder, so there’s no worry about the bag slipping off. You don’t have to hold onto it, so your hands are free. It’s also harder for someone to grab your bag away from you.

There are now more crossbody bags in the Sunshine and Wishes Etsy shop than anything else! Each comes with a matching tassel keychain purse charm, which is removable so you can use it on your other bags too.

Here are newest bags in the shop:

Travel sticker crossbody bag

The travel sticker crossbody bag is for all the wanderlust types.

Mermaid crossbody bag

Are you secretly in a sisterhood of mermaids? This mermaid crossbody bag is for you.

Hawaiian surf print cross body bag

Wishing for good aloha? Here’s a Hawaiian surf crossbody bag.

Hawaiian floral crossbody bag

Just like bright, cheerful flowers? Check out this Hawaiian floral crossbody bag.

Mermaid quote crossbody bag

Be yourself with this mermaid quote crossbody bag.

seashell print crossbody bag

Do you have a great seashell collection? The seashell print crossbody bag is for you.

All bags have a pocket in the lining so your smaller items won’t get lost.

So which bag would you choose? Or is there a style you’d love but don’t see here? Let me know — I make custom bags too.

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