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August style list

Posted on Aug 1, 2016 by in personal style | 2 comments

Sea turtle charm seagrass straw hat

So, friends, how has summer been treating you? At my house, we have reached the dog days of summer. Or, rather, the cat days.

Kittens sleeping

(These kittens have taken over my home. They look cute in the picture, but they’re not cute when they’re clawing and biting you at 2 am.)

Because it’s been an unusually hot, dry summer, my husband requested that I make a beach cabana for shade when we go to the beach. Because apparently a beach umbrella isn’t big enough. And everyone makes their own beach cabana, right? I wanted something other than the usual wide stripes and came up with this, which we tried out in the yard:

handmade beach cabana

I’m pretty sure the measuring, cutting, pinning and sewing for this project took a year off my life. So if anyone else requests one, it will cost them.

Moving on to style….

Still loving all the previous months’ style favorites. But this is my new favorite:

tassel sandal

Tassel sandals are so fun. They just scream summer. These tassel sandals are from Target, but you can find more upscale kicks or even make your own.

I always love ocean creature motifs in jewelry, and this sea turtle bracelet seems perfect.

sea turtle bracelet

It would go great with my sea turtle charm seagrass hat available in my Etsy shop:

Sea turtle charm seagrass straw hat

Deconstructed denim shorts are definitely a thing right now:

denim shorts

So are flowy rompers:

summer romper

(I know someone who objects to the term “romper” when used for grown women. When she hears the word, she thinks of toddler clothes.)

Anyway, rompers give you a I’m-casual-but-in-a-dressy-kind-of-way look. And not toddlerish at all.

What’s on your wish list this summer? Leave a comment.


  1. You have an impeccable style and a limitless talent. I love everything I see here and yes, rompers are not just for toddlers. 🙌

    • Wow, thank you, Emiluz! You’re very sweet. And I can totally see you in a chic romper. 🙂

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